Roundabout Decorating

The roundabout at Guilford Avenue and 32nd Street has garnered some interesting embellishments.

When the city installed a roundabout at 32nd Street and Guilford Avenue, the Department of Transportation probably couldn't foresee it becoming a target for guerrilla decorators.

But since the roundabout was, it has been decorated with everything from a single potted plant to a toilet with champagne bottle inserted in it.

Initially, residents said they thought the deocorating of the roundabout was a way of voicing displeasure with the new traffic calming devices in the area.

But it appears the decorating has become a kind of ritual separate from its roots in protest, and the detail of the latest decoration makes it feel like the brain child of a fraternity.

Sometime late Tuesday or early Wednesday ,someone added a brown love seat, pink arm chair and a night stand to the roundabout. The night stand was even adorned with an empty bottle of Gordon's London Dry Gin and worn paperback copy of James Dickey's Deliverance.


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