What's the Craziest Maryland Weather Event You've Seen?

This 'firenado' was reportedly captured in Missouri.

Photo from Chillicothe, MO, sent to The Weather Channel. (@WCL_Shawn)
Photo from Chillicothe, MO, sent to The Weather Channel. (@WCL_Shawn)
A picture of a "firenado" reportedly taken in Missouri has been whirling across the internet.

What's the craziest weather event you've seen in Maryland? Tell us in the comments!

A firenado forms when an active fire is pulled upward by strong winds, which can be up to 100 mph, according to Accuweather.

The "firewhirls" are typically long—up to 100 feet tall—and narrow, The Weather Channel reports, noting that they are "more common than you think," and will be seen more due to social media. (Add weather pictures to your Patch using the "boards" button at the top of the page or the "Add Photo/Video" button on cell phones.)

The firenado picture began circulating on social media after photographer Janae Copelin took it May 3 and sent the Instagram image to The Weather Channel, whose producer tweeted it.

Copelin said she was driving by a farm near Chillicothe, MO, where a farmer was burning his field, so she pulled over and "...as I stopped to take a picture, the wind whipped up the fire into this funnel," KMBC-TV Kansas City reported.

It only lasted a couple of minutes, during which the "sound and heat were intense," Copelin said.

As severe weather hits other parts of the country—storms are forecast in the midwest Thursday—Maryland doesn't have much to worry about, according to the National Weather Service, which shows showers in the forecast Wednesday and Saturday, with a small craft advisory in effect on the Chesapeake Bay Wednesday afternoon and evening.


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