Baltimore City Wants Remington Homes Rehabilitated

The city has posted a request for proposal seeking a developer to rehabilitate nine homes in the 2800 block of Remington Avenue.

The Baltimore City Department of Housing hopes to find a developer to rehabilitate nine properties in the 2800 block of Remington Avenue, according to the Baltimore Business Journal.

A request for proposal seeking interested developers has been posted and a pre-submission conference has been scheduled for Jan. 18, and the deadline to respond with a proposal is noon on Feb. 17, according to the Department of Housing’s website.

Judith Kunst, president of the Greater Remington Improvement Association, said the community and the city have been discussed rehabbing properties. She said the community would prefer the houses become owner-occupied following the rehabilitation.

Kunst said residents that own homes nearby have maintained the yards and the properties of surrounding vacants, and that they really want to see the properties become occupied by owners.

“This has been worked on for a very long time,” Kunst said.

Joan Floyd, president of the Remington Neighborhood Alliance, wrote that after years of working with the city she's "cautiously optimistic" about the possibilities for the rehabilitation of the houses in that block.

She wrote that resident homeowners want to see good neighbors move into that block, and they'd already started to see that happen along West 28th Street. 

"It's an old, historic block. The lots are large with nice back yards. The location is a few yards from the site of our future neighborhood public school at 29th and Remington," Floyd wrote in her email.

, of Seawall Development, said his company is interested in participating in the project, but that it is still reviewing the proposal.

“It’s still pretty early we’re just taking a look at the [request for proposal],” Manekin said.

Seawall Development has already undertaken a large-scale rehabilitation project when it transformed a previously vacant building at 26th and Howard streets into the mixed-use development.

Manekin said the company has an “unwavering commitment” to keeping Remington and Charles Village strong neighborhoods.

ralahinn1 December 27, 2011 at 09:04 PM
If it really happens, it would be nice, but I hope this project draws in decent families and not those criminally minded.
Sean Tully December 28, 2011 at 12:06 AM
The way I read the proposal, there is no public housing requirement, unless the proposal includes request for public benefits. "Respondents who propose receiving certain public benefits including a discounted purchase price will be required to comply with the City’s Inclusionary Housing Law. Information regarding these requirements can be found at: www.cityservices.baltimorecity.gov/charterandcodes/Code/Art%20/3%20‐ %20Housing.pdf." Now, maybe a request for public benefits is routine for this type of project. I don't know that. But the community should keep an eagle eye as this project moves through the system.


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