Developer Considers Hampden White Hall Mill Project

Terra Nova Ventures, which is redeveloping the nearby Mill No. 1, has presented conceptual plans for the project.

Terra Nova Ventures, who are currently redeveloping Mill No. 1 into a mixed-use development in Hampden, has its eye on developing a building just up the Jones Falls that is being called the White Hall Mill.

David Tufaro, Tera Nova Ventures principal, said the project to turn the mid-19th Century cotton mill into a mix of apartments, retail space and possibly a "family beer garden," is still in the conceptual phase.

"It’s got similarities [to Mill No. 1] but we’re looking for a little different approach," Tufaro said.

The White Hall Mill, as it's being called now, was originally called Clipper Mill but another nearby mill development has taken that name. It is longer than Mill No. 1 and only two stories high.

The building is currently about 100,000 square feet, but the redevelopment plans envision the space as 70,000 square feet, and one-third of that would be for apartments, Tufaro said.

He described the setting of White Hall as being more "pastoral."

The company recently approached the Hampden Community Council about the project and has had some informal technical meetings with the city about the project.

"I think [Hampden residents have] been very happy with what we’ve done on Mill No. 1," Tufaro said.

Mill No. 1 Update

The mixed-use Mill No. 1 is expected to be complete sometime by mid to late summer, Tufaro said.

The company will begin signing leases on apartments this weekend in a trailer, and interested residents can even slap on a hard hat and look around the project.

The company also just signed its first lease for office space with Evergreen Health Cooperative, a nonprofit aimed at expanding access to healthcare. It’s founder is Dr. Peter Beilenson, the former Baltimore city health commissioner.    

Dr. Badvibes March 01, 2013 at 03:40 PM
If that photo's accurate, it's the one closest to Birroteca (fka Kolper's), though that building appears to currently have active businesses in it.
Richard Burnham March 02, 2013 at 10:54 PM
With the recent popularity of Berrateca following several failures at that location and as Station North continues to develop toward success--I would hope that another beer garden may only put a strain on other existing businesses. I do congratulate David Tufaro for his vision in developing the Joines Falls Valley. It is a long neglected and dark part of the City. My business--Graphic Imaging, Inc. recently re-located to Woodberry, and it is exciting to see others appreciate the opportunities and vision in this area.--Thank you: Richard Burnham
Jed March 05, 2013 at 08:36 PM
There's one in a huge mill in Hoboken/Weehawken that would serve as a good model. During the day it's packed with strollers and young families, in addition to the regular bar crowd, who are enjoying a few beers and brats at a long table with their friends. At night, it turns into more of a traditional upper-end craft beer bar.
LeeJ April 03, 2013 at 08:40 PM
Falls Road is only one lane folks - it cannot accommodate this extra traffic!! What a great idea let's build loads of apts and restaurants off a one lane road. And gee the only way in and out is by clogging up Hampden's one lane streets. I read the Mill No.1 traffic study and Duh, it said there will be increased traffic. Mr. Tufaro better address a major clean up for the Jones Falls too. It smells, it's filled with trash and it's slimy brown all the time. If there is a way to resolve these concerns and create new life in the mills I'm fine with it but from what I have seen so far nothing has been addressed.
Rodman May 13, 2013 at 01:56 PM
@LeeJ: You can drive Falls Road from Mill No.1 to Maryland Ave. and not pass another car. I hardly think the increased traffic from this project is going to be a problem. Furthermore, when the renovation began on Mill No. 1, I braved the hill down to the water and thought it was pretty great. I certainly wouldn't drink it, but it didn't smell or have garbage floating down the river.


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