Maryland Jockey Club Introduces 'Kegasus'

Centaur to serve as spokesman for Preakness InfieldFest.

(UPDATED 2:32 p.m.) — The Maryland Jockey Club introduced an unusual spokesman to drum up interest in its InfieldFest at Preakness this May.

Kegasus Lord of the InfieldFest, a centaur, will serve as the voice and personality for all advertisements for the event, according to a press release from the club. 

"The InfieldFest party at The Preakness Stakes is legendary and continues to grow. The Maryland Jockey Club aims to spark added interest by empowering a legendary centaur – half horse, half man – as the campaign’s spokesperson. The humorous nature of the advertisements and their inclusive message are just two of the many added bonuses," the club writes in its release.

Kegasus has already taken to Twitter to promote InfieldFest. The Tweeting centaur can be followed at @AllHailKegasus.

The party aspect of the race has irritated neighborhoods near the track, such as Mt. Washington, because of the behavior of some race fans before and after entering Pimlico.

Some Baltimore police officers even began publicly complaining about the partying at the event by 2008. 

In recent years steps have been taken to limit the drunken revelry the infield has become synonymous with, such as eliminating the long tradition of allowing race fans to bring their own booze into the infield. 

james saunders March 31, 2011 at 01:46 AM
This is such a crap ad campaign. As a young person in Baltimore, I hate the fact that the world thinks we are a bunch of hicks. Me and my friends are not going to this crap shoot anymore. It's embarrassing and would love to know who the hell thinks this is good. people should be fired.


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