Open Thread: What Kind of Development Should Be Next?

It's readers' turn to share their thoughts for new developments in North Baltimore.

Three major planned North Baltimore developments, long on hold, have taken major steps toward becoming reality.

Johns Hopkins University announced a development team for the long vacant lot at 33rd and St. Paul streets into a mixed-use building, the redevelopment of the Rotunda is on track to begin this spring and 25th Street Station has cleared legal challenges regarding its planned unit development. 

Another significant redevelopment of a former tire shop in Remington into a theater, restaurant and office space is also set to begin in March.

But what kind of development would you like to see happening in the area? Tell us in the comments.

Christian February 21, 2013 at 07:45 PM
I think that further consideration should be given by JHU before entering into another proposal to create additional development of the area until there is a real growth in the area to justify the need for such a project. The City's population has not grown significantly and with the development all around us, what is taking place is that one development spurs a retreat from one area that then turns downward to this new area that doesn't require addtional growth. By all of these developments what we see is one development destroying neighborhoods. This mixed-use project will simply take people from one area to this area and consequently the city does not grow organically but via infusion of cash by the city through incentives that again destroy the economic base of which the city is trying very hard to protect. I would think that Hopkins, et all would have learned from their experience in constructing their hospital in East Baltimore and the resultant construction around that building that the entire city needs to improve within itself and cannot do it with these little developments here and there. In the greater Charles Village area there is development to the south, west and north of us and I simply wonder who is going to fill these places that are being built. Let's clean up before we build more for a population that is not growing sufficiently to justify the additional building and maybe just maybe the city will have enough financial strength to preserve itself.


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