Order Thanksgiving Dinner from Whole Foods Today

If you want a pre-made Thanksgiving dinner, Whole Foods in Berkeley, 15 miles down the road, will make it for you. But you have to order by Tuesday.

I imagine that for people who don't like to cook, hosting food-oriented holidays is somewhat of a nightmare. Luckily, I'm not half bad in the kitchen (thanks, Mom) and I surround myself with people who generally know their strainers from their colanders.

But for those of you who shudder at the thought of preheating ovens, basting turkeys, and testing the culinary waters for something as vital as Thanksgiving, check this out:

It pays to like local businesses on Facebook. Thanks to a friendly update from Whole Foods Berkeley, I found out they are preparing full meals for anyone who orders by the end of the day Tuesday. Yes, you have to drive the 15 miles to get there. But for the kitchen-challenged, it sounds like it's worth it.

The meals run from as cheap as $39.99 for the vegan option up to $279.99 for the organic heirloom roasted turkey dinner, which serves 12.

But likely the most popular option is the traditional roasted turkey dinner, which costs $99.99 and serves eight. About $15 per person for a Thanksgiving dinner that you don't have to cook? Not bad.

Here's what's included in the traditional roasted turkey dinner:

  • Fully Cooked Oven Roasted Diestel Turkey, Global Animal Partnership Step 3 Rated, 10-12 lbs
  • Savory Herb Stuffing, 4 lbs
  • Mashed Potatoes, 4 lbs
  • Turkey Gravy, 1 qt
  • Classic Cranberry Relish, 1 pt
  • Dinner Rolls, 12
  • Traditional Pumpkin Pie, 9”

For $20 more, you can make your turkey lemon herb or southwest flavored. Whole Foods is also offering ham and goose options.

To order your Thanksgiving dinner from Whole Foods in Berkeley, click here. I've been staring at that page so long part of me wishes I hadn't already planned a home-cooked meal for Thursday.

David Isherwood November 20, 2012 at 04:43 PM
The quality of "reporting" on Patch has met a new low.
William Brown November 20, 2012 at 05:31 PM
You can feed 12 people with a 10-12 pound turkey??? Anorexic models maybe...
Rachel Stern November 20, 2012 at 06:15 PM
David, the goal of Patch is to be a source of useful information for people in the community. With Thanksgiving coming up, naturally there are Thanksgiving-themed pieces on a variety of topics, not all which are traditional reported stories.


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