Royal Farms Drops Remington Store Plans

The company could not acquire the land it needed to build the store.

Royal Farms is backing out of plans to build a new store and gas station in Remington, according to an email from the company.

The North Baltimore based chain had proposed building a new site at the corner of West 29th Street and Remington Avenue, but it couldn’t come to an agreement for land it needed at the intersection.

"Unfortunately, we just learned that Royal Farms has not been able to come to an agreement with the current owners of the two parcels at the intersection of Remington and W. 29th St. to create the assemblage necessary for the proposed gas station and convenience store.  We therefore will not be pursuing this project at this time and we will need to cancel the meeting scheduled for tomorrow evening," according an email from the developer to residents.

Royal Farms initially approached the Remington community about the plan last month, and was set to meet with the Greater Remington Improvement Association on Tuesday night.

"There was a lot of conflict over this project, and it’s a relief not to go through anymore conflict in the community," said Judith Kunst, president of the Greater Remington Improvement Association.

A call to Royal Farms for comment was not immediately returned. 

But last month, Ed Stronski, a marketing manager for Royal Farms, told Patch the company was consiering building a store there, but there had been no deal to acquire the land. 

"We’re continuously looking for good sites where we believe we will be successful," Stronski said at that time.

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Kathleen C. Ambrose October 01, 2012 at 05:16 PM
If Ed Stronski wants a place in Remington for a Royal Farms, there's an empty Food Co-op building down on Sisson!
A F James MacArthur October 03, 2012 at 04:05 AM
Some growth is a good thing. A vehement anti-growth-no-matter-what attitude is what prevents business like the co-op from being the success they can be.
Kathleen C. Ambrose October 03, 2012 at 11:37 AM
The co-op prevented itself from being a success. It was in a bad location and poorly managed. Planned development is not "anti-growth-no-matter-what." It means the community logically assesses what it needs that will benefit its residents and promote neighborhood growth.
Baltimore Matt October 03, 2012 at 12:37 PM
What happened to private property rights? If someone owns the land don't they have the right to develop it in a way that they see fit? Don't they have the right to profit from the land? Furthermore if a piece of land does not serve it's original purpose isn't it time to put it on the market and let the market decide what is the best use of the land...that's the way it was when Baltimore was successful, there where street markets and industry side by side with residences and if a property no longer served it’s purpose, it’s purpose would change ...now with so much red tape, community input, and regulation it's hard/prohibitively expensive for anyone with any ideas for new use of the land to enter the marketplace. It’s like the mayor wanting to fix up boarded up housing and sell it to new households…it will not be a success because it’s purpose as housing has failed and it’s time to repurpose the land. And if you argue the policies are to protect the people who reside in this city, I think these policies have worked to protect them into a 25% poverty rate, now industry isn’t killing you but the ills from poverty are (crime, drug use, poor diet, terrible housing, etc.). Therefore instead of planning development we should open the market to repurposing the land and create infrastructure to compliment the market’s land use.
Kathleen C. Ambrose October 03, 2012 at 12:54 PM
OK Matt, I agree.


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