Royal Farms Pitching Remington Store

The regional chain already has stores in Hampden and along Cold Spring Lane.

A team from Royal Farms will present to a Remington neighborhood group a proposal to build a store and gas station at the corner of 29th Street and Remington Avenue, according to an email sent to group members. 

The Greater Remington Improvement Association will meet with representatives from Royal Farms at 7 p.m. on Oct. 2 at Millers Court, accoridng to the email.

Ed Stronski, a marketing manager for Royal Farms, said the site, which is currently home to a Pizza Boli’s is under consideration, but there has been no deal made to acquire the property.

"We’re continuously looking for good sites where we believe we will be successful," Stronski said.    

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Baltimore Matt September 18, 2012 at 03:58 PM
I am a Remington resident and I would love to see it...all I can say though is that Royal Farms better lawyer up because any progress or business interest in Remington usually goes through litigation hell before they can get it ok'ed (this is often used as a device by the Joan Floyd and her small semi-democratic, community association known as the RNA) or are completely blocked, or just give up all together (they run out of money litigating or grow tired of lawsuites and appeals). If you don't believe me, where is the Loews?, the Deli that was blocked at 28th and Huntingdon that was an ugly used tireshop with a curbside operation (the man who bought the property spent much money and time gutting it and performing exterior renovations)?, the bar at the gluten-free restaurant?, the 25th Street Development?, the angled backed in parking on Huntingdon?, the outside cafe tables at Charmingtons?, etc. Even if you get the o.k. to build something by the city you will still go through years of trouble, such as the housing building behind Paper Moon. I know some people have been waiting for something better, but without being friendly to the businesses that currently have an interest in the area, how do you expect that other businesses will be attracted (especially small businesses that can't afford years of litigations and roadblocks).
Spockhammer September 18, 2012 at 04:14 PM
As a direct neighbor of the property in question I don't want it. No 24-hour convenience store for beggars to loiter in front of like the 7-11, no gas fumes, no new dumpster with attendant rats, no tanker trucks rumbling, no glaring overhead lights, no bump to traffic, no litter from careless patrons, no car horn blaring and doors slamming, no economic threat to the small business convenience stores on Huntington. The only positive thing I gather from it is easier access to good fried chicken, but I can live without that.
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