Victim Of Sexual Harassment Case in County Fired Over The Phone

Voice mail message of termination violates county charter.

Tomika Grant, who filed a Hostile Work/Sexual harassment case against Baltimore County stated she was fired on 11/15/12 over the phone by voice mail which violates the Baltimore County Charter.

The following is a quote from Ms. Joann Famolaro as heard by this blogger over the phone voice mail of Ms. Grant:

“Tomika, this is Joann Famolaro, you will receive your termination papers through the mail, thanks." (click) 

I called Ms. Falolaro’s extension and received no response.  I left a voice mail message and received no response.

This violates the Baltimore County Charter under the Human Resources section which requires a certain protocol to be followed in the termination of a county employee. The charter reads partly as follows:

“Rule 15.02. No employee in the classified service may be dismissed without first being given reasons or charges, stated in writing, furnishing the employee with specific information as to why the action is contemplated, and reasonable advance notice of the proposed action shall be given to the employee.

Rule 15.03. The appointing authority shall give fair and objective consideration to the employee's reply to any statement of charges brought against him in a dismissal action, and the employee shall have the right to appear before the appointing authority in person to answer to the charges after first making answer in writing. If the appointing authority then determines that the dismissal contemplated shall be executed, the employee shall be immediately removed from his job, and his entire file shall be forwarded promptly to the Director of Human Resources.

This new round all started when Ms. Grant returned to work after being on sick leave over this issue. Upon arriving at the Eastern Family Resource Center in Rosedale, and meeting her supervisor who began to show her the layout of the building again, Ms. Grant became ill and asked permission to go back to Property Management Director George Klunk’s office in hopes of getting a transfer.  Upon arriving at Mr. Klunk’s office she attempted to talk to Mr. Klunk when according to Ms. Grant, Mr. Klunk told her she had to go back to the Resource Center or be fired.

According to Ms. Grant, she then went to Human Resources and spoke to State Del. Adrienne Jones who was appointed to the Department of Human Resources by Police Chief Jim Johnson.  Del. Jones stated to Ms. Grant, contact your immediate supervisor and tell him you are on your way back to work.  At that time Tomika called her supervisor Ted Johnson and replied she had been at HR and was on her way back to work.   Mr. Johnson told her not to come back.  Mr. Johnson was told by Brian Brzozowski, another supervisor, to tell Tomika not to come back to work but did not say why.  

The reason for Klunk's abusive behavior, according to Ms. Grant, was that Del. Jones said Mr. Klunk was a no-nonsense guy.  Del. Jones also advised her to go back to work.  Del. Jones also sits on the police promotional board which I also blogged about. 

In a three-way phone conversation including the woman whose voice is heard on the phone firing Ms. Grant, Jo Anne Famolaro along with Mr. Klunk and Mr. Mark Neal, Ms. Grant stated that Mr. Klunk told her that she shouldn’t have gone back to HR after leaving his office.

I contacted Ms. Ellen Kobler, a spokeswoman for Baltimore County, who emailed the following comment:

“Hello Mr. Beeler,

I have consulted with Human Resources and your questions relate to personnel matters which we cannot discuss publicly.



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Honest Worker November 22, 2012 at 03:12 PM
Well thank you. I hope all goes well for Miss Grant. She just needs to work hard and do the right thing and her life will change.She needs to worry about her children and show them how strong she is. She should have reported her problems as soon as it happened, she had a union, she should have told Mr Bryant she was going to report him as soon as he harassed her.
Buzz Beeler November 22, 2012 at 03:36 PM
I can't take sides, but I know where your coming from. You care and take pride in your job and don't let people bully you. There are a lot of things I can't say because I was not there and saw how people worked. I have been in situations where I have and those workers, in my opinion cost my mother's life. When you have to tell her own doctor and force him to check that she has pneumonia and can't breath there is a problem.
Jenn November 29, 2012 at 09:50 PM
i think your comment if VERY uncalled for from someone who is not suppose to take sides . Just because someone has an opinion different then yours does not give you the right to insult them. We ALL read how Timeka wanted to stay home and get paid. I'm sure the lawsuit will following shortly. Like someone said earlier, 3 sides to this story...Timeka's side, the county's side, and the truth!! However, i would LOVE to be on this jury!!!
Buzz Beeler November 30, 2012 at 12:03 AM
Jenn, I was talking about a nursing home and how they treat their patients, not this article.
kwayshawn December 04, 2012 at 01:30 AM
She should suck a dick with a soda......


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