TRAINING TIPS: "The New 'StreetStrider' Just May Change Your Life"

Ever wished you could magically take your elliptical trainer off it's stationary status and hit the streets? Well sometimes fantasies do come true: StreetStrider.

Have I got news for you! Today, I am announcing the arrival (or at least 'my knowledge' about the existence of) a REVOLUTIONARY new piece of Cardio Equipment that I absolutely can not WAIT TO ACQUIRE!

Ever used an Elliptical Trainer? I have and quite often actually; especially over the past two years. 

You see, I have an extensive home gym. I have to of course, I train many clients here and among the myriad of equipment I possess, I'm convinced that  I own what I consider to be the 'Cadillac' of Elliptical trainers. It's the "TRUE TSX." Ahhhh, what a pleasure. IF you propel an elliptical trainer as vigorously as if you were running and work at using your body with the same form as if you were, studies show that for all intents and purposes, you basically ARE running; but with the absence of the aggressive, jarring and often injury producing impact that running creates. They've found that when an elliptical is used in this fashion, your body will produce almost the exact same Vo2 uptake (oxygen utilization or energy expenditure) and multi-joint muscle recruitment that a runner does. In short, you might as well be running. This is how I ride all Elliptical Trainers and my heart rate monitor agrees! But it's important to be honest with yourself about your workload and form. Give it a try but be prepared for a balance learning curve.

In short order, you'll have it down pat and if you care enough, you'll never hold on or dog it again. If you're concerned that you may be taking it a little too easy, download my "Elliptical Fit Volume I" MP3 (Ipod) workout and test yourself to be sure. You can download this 40-minute killer workout at www.FitIsItCardio.com or iTunes!

This information is wildly important of course—not only to the professional athlete, but to the average fitness enthusiast who longs to run but wants to save their body from the harsh impact. It's the impact that injures. If you would already have described yourself as a runner, but now have an injury or a chronic condition that would preclude you from doing so (like me)... we know what an especially hard pill that is to swallow. I was told "NO WAY"  after my spinal fusion 2 years ago in order to hold my previously broken neck in place and to keep this body of mine in good working order; Don't tell any one but I still put in a good 6-mile run once a week. HEY GET OFF MY BACK... I CAN so I do—but I realize that I must be extremely careful! 

So, if running has been nixed from your life and you just can't seem to just accept that lying down, you probably struggle with personal dialogue that goes something like this—"Man, I'm putting in some serous miles on this Elliptical but I'm going no where. If I could really run again... I mean I love this feeling, but just want so badly to take it out there—that would be a little slice of heaven on a nice day like today." Well my friend, I can say that I DO understand and I suppose if we could figure out how to do that, well we'd be geniuses, right?

WELL Guess what? There are Geniuses Among Us and They've Created The StreetStrider!!!

An elliptical on WHEELS! You heard me right, it's an elliptical that you take OUTSIDE to RIDE! OMG! 

So now, we can glide down the street with the wind in our hair and the sun on our face once again. Who knew?

Well, apparently Dr. Oz did because he has one... that little creep (of course I actually admire the heck outta the guy and I'm secretly happy for him. I JUST WANT ONE TOO).  

"It's combines the benefits of jogging, skiing and cycling, but low impact for the knees and back" says Oz, (and other joints too I might add). Apparently he's even ridden it to work, at least once anyway. 

SO here it is. The perfect solution and apparently they've thought of everything. 

There are four models, including one for the  kids. This way, the entire family can get out there and have a blast sweating together and getting or staying in shape. Just don't tell them it's good for them and they'll be the first ones out the door. They've also created a stationary rack you can purchase, so you never have to miss a workout, even when the weather just won't cooperate.

So there you have it. I love reporting on good news. An Elliptical trainer that gives you the "Moves like Jagger" without the impact that can leave you crippled.

I'm including a link to their site and it appears that they're offering 20% off with free shipping right now, creating an even greater incentive to purchase one and get your groove back.

The second link is from Youtube, so you can check it out in motion.

So enjoy and remember, I will be silent for a few days as I have some nasty dental surgery tomorrow. Depending on how I feel, I may be posting just a couple days worth of the "Best - o - Candace" during my recovery down time.

Until Next Time, 

Saddle up the StreetStrider and hit the Road Jack! 





TO check out youtube as well...go to http://youtu.be/60_oiytG1-E   

There are several to watch actually, so you can really check it out...

For more articles go to www.CandaceGrasso.blogspot.com

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AK Stout February 04, 2013 at 11:28 PM
Mine will be here this week! Where do you stride?
Lou February 09, 2013 at 02:01 AM
Ours will be here at the end of February 2013..
AK Stout February 09, 2013 at 02:06 AM
Awesome we might need to start a Baltimore StreetStriders club!


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