Patch Readers Sound Off On Why They Live Here

Readers tell Patch why they have chose to make Charm City home.

Reader Comments

Basically, I am stuck here. I like where I live now( I have a great apartment in a high-rise which keeps me out of most of Baltimore's problems). I ended up in the city with basically no where else to go almost 10 years ago, and so I stayed. There are both good and bad things here. I try to make the best of it. I'm too old to move on now.

Because I can't sell my house for enough to pay off the mortgage.

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caitanya  I go to school here--THE END

rainpebble65  its home

Anne-Margaret October 21, 2011 at 12:46 PM
Wow - doesn't anyone have anything good to say about Baltimore? I have been in DC for the past 15 years and getting ready to move home to Baltimore-- now you have me second guessing my decision...
Sean Tully October 21, 2011 at 01:59 PM
If you can afford it, you should stay in D.C. There are so many vibrant neighborhoods in D.C. Not so much in Baltimore. I have a brother who lives in the Barracks Row area of Capitol Hill. Man, you talk about great city living. He can walk down to 8th Street and he can shop, eat, rent movies, everything. Baltimore has only a few neighborhoods like that. Baltimore could be a great city. It's just that our leaders have not had a clear vision on how to make it that way since Schaefer. O'Malley had a flash of vision but the city was already so far down that by the time he got his momentum up to speed, he was running for governor. But in reality, every leader in the city since the 60s has been basically managing the decline. It's sad really.
Sean Tully October 21, 2011 at 02:16 PM
In my opinion, there are only three truly world class cities in the U. S. The first, of course, is New York City (and that could even arguably be defined down to Manhattan), Washington, D.C., and, Los Angeles. Cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, etc., are great U. S. cities. The only reason I put L. A. in world class status is because it is the center of the entertainment industry, which, deserved or not, has a prominent place in society of man. That is not to say cities like San Francisco are not international cities. They are. They just are not the centers of activity the way NYC, D.C., and L. A. are. I know many Baltimoreans would not agree with this, but we are lucky we are as close as we are to D. C.


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