VIDEO: Schaefer's Longtime Friend Shares About the Popular Politician

Gene Raynor was one of the deceased governor's closest friends. He shares a touching story of Schaefer's generosity when the cameras weren't rolling. Raynor also discusses where Schaefer loved to eat and travel, and the people in his inner circle.

William Donald Schaefer and Gene Raynor first met in 1955 when Schaefer was running for Baltimore City Council for the first time and Raynor was working in Baltimore's Board of Elections.

At the time, Schaefer wanted to purchase the list of voters, but he didn't have the $200 to pay for it. So Raynor gave him his copy, asking only that Schaefer return it after the election.

Schaefer won and returned the list, dog-eared and doodled. A friendship was born.

Raynor and Schaefer remained friends ever since.

In these videos, Raynor shares some of his best stories about his friend.

K Blue April 20, 2011 at 02:24 PM
Very nice. Thanks for sharing.


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