You Tell Us: How LGBT Friendly is North Baltimore?

Patch gives readers a chance to share their opinion about the issues being discussed in Charm City.

This weekend Baltimore Pride 2012 will hold events in Mt. Vernon and in Druid Hill Park as a way for the LGBT community to rally, and, well, show their pride.

Although the events are not being held in North Baltimore, Patch wanted to ask its readers how welcoming they feel their neighborhoods are of people of various sexual orientations.

So tell us in the comments whether you think your neighborhood is extremely welcoming and why that is. Residents can even tell us why they think their neighborhood needs to improve in being accepting, or whether they think embracing LGBT people is a bad idea for their neighborhood.

But please, keep the conversation civil.  

R David Smith June 18, 2012 at 08:31 PM
We've lived in Ednor Gardens since 1996. When we moved here we had more glbt neighbors and some have moved but we are still represented. We shop and dine in Waverly, Charles Village, Remington and Hampden and don't feel uncomfortable although we might not walk down the sidewalk holding hands as in some cities. More importantly I can say that all of my elected representatives on the local, state and national level are fully supportive of my rights. That is pretty special!
R David Smith June 18, 2012 at 08:33 PM
Oh, and I'd say Druid Hill Park is in "North Baltimore," just not in Northeast. The festival was held for many years in Charles Village until it outgrew Wyman Dell.


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