You Tell Us: Worst Weather Ever?

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Baltimore is in the grips of the year's first extended heat wave, and according to the National Weather Service the hot weather will stick around through the weekend.

To make the situaton worse, many residents were—and in some cases still are—dealing with their after a pummeled the area last Friday.

But what Patch wants to know is where you think this ranks on the list of extreme weather events in Maryland. What do you think is the worst weather this area has experienced? 

Tell us in the comments.  

Max Obuszewski July 07, 2012 at 01:29 PM
The big story of the year may be the unforeseen storm. Almost all reputable scientists indicate human activity is causing unusual and severe weather to take place more often. This is not global warming, but climate chaos. What I witnessed in Baltimore last Friday night was climate chaos. Only a head-in-the-sand politician would deny that human activity is causing climate chaos. Scientists have determined that the warming of the planet is happening and many, including polar bears, are suffering the consequences. Of course, we must abandon dirty fossil fuels and get our green economy in gear. However, there is an elephant in the room—the Pentagon. The U.S. military’s environmental record is, to say the least, dismal. I argue that the Pentagon is greatly responsible for the assault on Mother Earth, as it is the world’s number one consumer of fossil fuels. There are some 1,000 military outposts, thousands of flights per year, gas-guzzling Hummers, depleted uranium, nuclear weapons, toxic military sites and ecocide in war zones. If we are to save this planet, war is not the answer. We the people must rise up and demand severe cutbacks in Pentagon spending. These tax dollars then can be use to develop the green economy. Let’s do it before the next mega-storm hits Baltimore.


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