You Tell Us: Can Bikes and Cars Coexist?

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The city is in the process of a tri-annual bike count that helps the Department of Transportation determine who, where and when cyclists are using city streets.

The idea is in part to help provide infrastructure to make urban cycling safer and encourage it with amenities such as placing bike racks where they are needed the most.

But since the last trolley stopped rolling in Baltimore, the automobile has dominated the city. Many motorists aren’t shy about expressing their dislike of sharing the road with cyclists, and are quick to point out they feel residents riding bikes ignore the rules of the road.

So, what do you think is needed in the city so that motorists and cyclists can co-exist on Charm City streets? Tell us in the comments.

ralahinn1 September 19, 2012 at 02:02 PM
I believe they can co- exist, if the bike rider can follow traffic rules. There are times I as a Pedestrian have almost been run down by bikes because they didn't follow the traffic rules. And I am not talking about a little kid on a sidewalk, but full grown adults in "safety gear". Yet they are asking cars to "share the road".


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