You Tell Us: How Do You See Your Neighborhood?

Patch wants readers to share their views on where they live.

North Baltimore covers a lot of diverse neighborhoods.

Although many exist in close geographic proximity, places such as Mount Washington, Roland Park, Hampden and Charles Village all have very different and distinct characteristics.

While many neighborhoods already have preconceptions attached to them, Patch wants to know what residents think. How do you see your neighborhood?

For fun, chime in on how you perceive other neighborhoods in North Baltimore.

How Do You See Your Neighborhood? Tell us in comments.   


C May 10, 2012 at 11:08 PM
our neighborhood (Cheswolde, near Mt. Washington) is changing with more traffic lights and a median strip on Greenspring Avenue which has done nothing but create congestion and there is a lot more traffic on Greenspring Avenue; it's becoming more "city-like" which is not good; I often think Greenspring could become as cogested and noisy as Reisterstown Road; I think ultimately property values will suffer because of this
Christian May 11, 2012 at 12:41 PM
Our neighborhood, Charles Village is under a constant state of seige and control by various groups which attempt to say that they are the voice of the community. Between the CVCA telling the city that it represents the voice of the community, along with the Charles Village Community Benefits District, a governmental entity created by legislation telling our government that they are the voice of the community, Greater Homewood Community Corp., telling the government that they are the super voice of the community, and then we have the Village Parents, Inc., (a subsidiary organization established by GHCC in February 2010) reporting to be the voice of the community, the real voice of the community is seldom heard. People in this community cannot constantly go to meetings to find out what the "Clique" is up to now and how it will affect their homes, their lives and the issues that are important to them with respect to security and sanitation. Unless some of these so-called community organizations step back and let the community organically grow, it will cease to exist. We really don't need GHCC, CVCA, CVCBD or VP in our neighborhood, we need neighbors who will come out and fight for their rights to live in a safe and security community.
P.Bane May 11, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Hampden has become a haven for snooty Hopkins students who rent (5 to a house) and merchants who have no loyalities to the neighborhood. What used to be a neighborhood has become a Fells Point clone.


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