Readers Sound Off on Brochin, McDonough

City residents share what they would say to Baltimore County politicians who have been critical of the city's safety.

I'd say Thank You!! I was appalled by reports of multiple groups of youths numbering over 100 strong creating havoc on St Patrick's Day, and groups attacking people on their way to work in broad daylight. What on Earth difference does it make if you mention the color of these groups - is calling them 'youths' offensively agist [sic]? Just get some firepower down there to help our brave police confront them.

I'd say "Then tell your constituents not to visit."

I would say that both men have legitimate points, although McDonough lost the argument even before it began with his comments. But, having said that, I am not sure the Maryland State Police would be enough to help with the crime in Baltimore City. The Maryland National Guard, maybe, but not the Maryland State Police.

I applaud Sen. Brochin for getting involved. No one with any common sense can deny that most people are afraid to go downtown because of crime. Too bad the truth hurt: "black youth mobs". And we do not believe that crime is down when we hear every day about the multiple shootings with "no suspect or motive." My support is 110% behind these gentlemen who, like most of us, want a better, safer Baltimore.

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@NorthBmorePatch Come on over. Move here, vote here, run here. Then you get the right to whinge [sic].

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Bret Matthew Scharf Holmes

The city is terribly dangerous, taxes are not proportionate to what you receive in return, we have drugs, rampant vacant housing, and crime at just about every intersection. Still beats living in the county IMO.

The issue here is that we have a political system in Baltimore that solves open chest wounds with a band-aide. They have no plan for the future aside from their own preservation as a public official. Hence they pander to those that blindly vote for them because they think that they are champions for their cause (the poor continually voting on inaccurate information and almost malicious marketing campaigns) ... while those of us who pay the bills have no representation and are continually taxed at a higher rate and expected to do more with less.

The county has the right to laugh at us from a very VERY great height. We are a lost area of inhabitants that thrives on a service based industry of perpetual poverty. There are no jobs. There are no schools. And there is seemingly very little hope.

Anne Neal

One is pandering to Republican constituents and the other is pandering to Republican constituents. Most of those constituents never had any intention of setting foot in Baltimore City.


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