Readers Sound Off on Anti-Abortion Group at Hampdenfest

Patch gives readers a chance to share their views and opinions on whether and anti-abortion group should be allowed to have a booth at the neighborhood festival.

Yes, they should. Abortion is not 100% safe and women need all the information they can get in order to make an informed decision on if they should have an abortion, or not. They should also be taught that abortion is not the only choice when it comes to birth control.

Although it is important for people to hear multiple points of view in order to make an educated decision, lets not confuse opinions with fact. It is true that abortion is not 100% safe but in most cases the information distributed at these types of events is highly prejudice and not very accurate. I think that this organization should be allowed to have a booth at Hampdenfest as long as the information they intend to distribute is verified by the Hampdenfest committee

Since anti-choice extremists have perpetrated acts of domestic terrorism i would not feel safe having any organization associated with them there.

I am pro-choice but I believe that any legitimate group has the right to set up a table at a public event as long as they follow the rules of the event and that other opinioned groups are not barred from having representation at the event as well. Therefore, the crazy pro-lifers can have their table at the Hampdenfest

Since they were already granted a booth, though, it's a moot point. Maybe Planned Parenthood should also have a booth right next to them.

I guess they have the same right as anybody else to set up their booth, but no shock photos, please. All adults know what an abortion is, and kids don't need to see this.

Keep it calm, please. I have the right to ignore them, which I shall.

I hope the organizers keep a close watch on them.

Hopefully Planned Parenthood will be there and represent the " more balanced side". No shock photos allowed....don't the organizers have some type of guidelines regarding visual displays? If not, they should.

As reluctant as I am to say it yes I suppose they should be allowed to have a booth. I would be a hypocrite if I said they shouldn't. On a personal level I loathe the idea of them being there. If they keep things non-offensive without their dead fetus photos etc it would be much more palatable

Sure. And if pro-choice people (and I consider myself a part of that population) have an issue with it, they should put a booth right next to them.

The first thing I object to is this article labeling this group as "anti abortion". The group defines themselves as pro life. They do a lot more than just oppose abortion to support women and offer holistic approaches to reproductive care. It shows the biased nature of the articles author that they would choose to define the group in a way they do not define themselves. It's no more fair to define "pro life" groups as "anti abortion" than it is to redefine "pro choice" groups as "pro abortion". I hate to see media participate is partisanship. Label a group in the same manner they label themselves. That's the only fair and unbiased way to report.

I have no problem what so ever with thier presence. They are entitled to thier opinions. I don't agree with all the things they say but they have a right to exist and say what they want. No one has to agree, but you don't have the right to interfere with thier free speach. As long as they are not being obscene in their approach I don't have a problem with them and welcome the variety of perspectives our new enlightened and tollerant classical liberal society so eagarly embraces.

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Paul Eric Kilmon NO! NO! NO!

Gale Baker if there are other like booth at hampden fest fest ..even if its to the other view point of this subject the by all means yes ... If no other booths like this are there ..political (vote for our guy woman) ..religous .....petitions...etc then i say No ..but you cant say No to one and allow others that you might agree with ...just saying 9 a Hampden resident for 56 yrs)

Alex W. Gale made the ethical point. Freedom of speech protects all viewpoints...even if they aren't mine. The main idea is that no booth/group is permitted to cause a disturbance.

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MarJo September 08, 2012 at 01:35 PM
Hey, I have a question, is this the anti-abortion group with the cute little fetal models, or the ones with the gory ripped-up fetus corpse signs? If it's the second I'm not bringing the kids to Hampdenfest. Also not coming if I can't find this out-- the Artscape signs were plenty enough for this year.
Adam Bednar September 08, 2012 at 01:37 PM
The group with the fetal models.
Russell C. Crawford September 08, 2012 at 04:33 PM
The pro life movement will in the next few years completely evaporate into thin air as the scientific laws that impact abortion become well known. http://www.naturalabortionlaw.com For example the Law of Charity makes it clear that if it impossible to force the birth of a fetus without causing the death of a born baby, child or adult.
Pat Cohen October 21, 2012 at 02:38 PM
I just left Hunt Valley's Race for the cure and was so upset, I cannot get over it! Those graphic, HUGE pictures were right at the start of the race. WHY!!! I had a little 8 year old grandchild there and was terrified she would see those. We were talking to her to keep her head turned. We all understand and promote the right to free speech, but this was inappropriate and hostile at such a wonderful event. They were protected by a group of police. Those people should be very ashamed of themselves. To put such a black cloud over this morning. To abuse their right to demonstrate in this terrible, terrible way, is inexcusable. You are correct in that adults know all about this and children don't need to be exposed to this.


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