Readers Sound Off on Baltimore's New Police Commissioner

Readers have their say on the big news item from this week.

I'm very disconcerted with phrases like "people who look like me" and "help kids that looked like him" (Patch: New Commissioner Brushes Off Rough Oakland Tenure). Baltimore City has made great strides to stamp out racial divisiveness (although not socioeconomic bias) and I hope Batts doesn't rely on West Coast experience in this position. What works in one city may not work in another.

I would like seeing foot police assigned to all of the neighborhoods so that the Officers on patrol know the neighborhoods and the people who reside therein. I would like to see these officers do regular shifts in the community so that a trust can be built between the neighborhoods and the Police Department. I think that this would curtail crime considerably and it would create a feeling of peace within the neighborhoods.

We really need someone in the city like Phoenix Jones. Phoenix Jones says we do have a" hero" in Baltimore( named Phoenix, but no relation) but I have never heard or seen him at work. My ex- son- in - law is a " guardian angel" in the city, but I have never seen them at work either ...
People in the city( including cops) need to learn good old fashion manners and morals, then there would not be so much trouble in the city, because they might know right from wrong.

The new guy will be gone in 18 months -- he is under qualified. Bound to fail.Last I read, Oakland is a nightmare compared to Baltimore.

Why has the Northern District been with a drug unit for almost a year?
I am told that the Northern may never get a drug unit.
Drug raids are down 95% in last year.
Drug dealers have retaken corners in Remington.

I would ask everyone to pray for you. Satan steals, kills, and destroy. Just like Jesus your own will not accept you. I pray for peace in our inner cities communities. Father God touch this man and his community in the name of Jesus, Satan be gone.

Great. Another commissioner who knows nothing about Baltimore. And he had trouble with the bureaucracy in Oakland. Wait till he sees the bureaucracy in Baltimore.

It was under Batts rule that thousands of Oakland citizens marched in protest of police violence. It was under his direction that passive students were famously pepper sprayed. This guy left Oakland in a mess.

Mike Ruehle August 31, 2012 at 05:48 PM
If you don't believe the above article about Long Beach Police Chief's cover-up of his history if domestic violence, maybe you will believe the linked letter from retired Long Beach Police Lieutenant Joe Rabe confirming the cover-up (among other things) . If you don't believe him, try talking to some of the police officers forced by Batts to resign because they chose to not support Batt's multiple cover-ups, another one being Lobstergate. http://www.longbeachcomber.com/story.aspx?artID=2393&arc=1
Mike Ruehle August 31, 2012 at 05:48 PM
http://www.longbeachcomber.com/story.aspx?artID=2393&arc=1 “We all knew of his domestic violence issues, but Tony was Teflon coated; the rules didn’t apply to him, both in his mind and unfortunately in the minds of his superiors.” Joe Rabe Lieutenant, LBPD (ret)
Mike Ruehle August 31, 2012 at 05:49 PM
Last but not least, Batts approved harassment and discrimination of certain Long Beach police officers for disclosing and testifying truthfully about the illegal conduct of other Long Beach police officers involved in Lobstergate. http://diver.net/bbs/posts002/67696.shtml http://www.longbeachcomber.com/story.aspx?artID=2393&arc=1 A jury awared $4.1 million to the officers retaliated against by Long Beach Police Chief Batts and his subbordinates. http://www.topix.com/forum/city/long-beach-ca/T1T2UFUQQBKVBP5MP http://www.bdoutdoors.com/forums/nonsense-anything-boards/94918-lobstergate-tax-work.html
Mike Ruehle August 31, 2012 at 05:50 PM
"Sid P. Smith, a retired police chief and CEO of Systems for Public Safety, came to Long Beach on Wednesday, January 26, as part of the SPS background investigation into Batts’ 27 years with the Long Beach Police Department, the last seven in the position of chief. In less than 24 hours in several interviews, Smith learned about the Lobstergate scandal and Batts’ multiple affairs with women – some of whom were officers at the LBPD under his command – and some of whom filed domestic violence reports against him. http://www.longbeachcomber.com/story.aspx?artID=3365 At least two of five DV reports involved Congresswoman Laura Richardson, who was married to Batts between 1995 and 2002. The Beachcomber reported one such incident when Richardson and Batts were living together on Vernon St. in Long Beach. A second incident report was taken by the LAPD in San Pedro, where Richardson sometimes stayed at her mother’s home on Parker St. Another reportedly occurred in San Diego more than 15 years ago. Shortly after Richardson was elected to the Long Beach City Council and sworn into office in July 2002 – and before Batts was named chief of police in October 2002 at the age of 42 — an altercation occurred between Richardson and Batts that left her with a black eye. She reportedly sought refuge with co-councilmember Tonia Reyes Uranga and showed up at one council meeting wearing sunglasses to conceal the blemish."
Mike Ruehle August 31, 2012 at 05:56 PM
My agenda is based entirely on the multiple number of times Batts lied to me personally while I was BSRA president and questioning crime enforcement in my Belmont Shore community. Police Chief Batts lied to my face in City Manager West's office about Belmont Shore police staffing. Based upon what other police officers were telling me, I later did a Public Records Act request of the data and found out Batts had lied to me. That's just one of several such lies. Another time when I spoke before City Council about retaliation against me personlly by Development Service personnel, ACTING City Manager Anthony Batts told Mayor Foster that he had investigated my complaint and there was no merit. However, Batts had no answer when I asked how he could have investigated my complaint since nobody had ever called me to hear what my complaint was. Foster told Batts he wanted to have a copy of the investigation on his desk in the morning. It turned out there had been no investigation and that Batts had lied. Following the REAL investigation, Assistant City Manager Frick told me in front of witnesses there was fault on the part of the city. Shortly afterwards, the Development Services Manager resigned. Yet, Batts did his best to cover up for the city and he was not held accountable for his very public lie, something Oakland Mayor Quan is very familiar with. How can a city have a police chief that can not be trusted?


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