Washington Post Writer On Baltimore: 'I Wouldn’t Want to Live There.'

The Travel article's writer commits some serious sins before critiquing Charm City.

Writer Marc Fisher may not find Baltimore so welcoming after his most recent article in The Washington Post.

In his piece about Baltimore, which another publication labeled condescending, Fisher’s sins are many, but here are few of his most egregious:

He admits to being a Yankees fans and gloats about "taking over Camden Yards" with other bandwagon jumpers—whoops, I’m sorry— Yankees fans when his team visits.

Fisher then takes a dig at Baltimore by comparing it to another city with which the town shares a heated football rivalry: "I have about as much interest in news from the next big city up the Northeast Corridor as I do in, say, Pittsburgh."

The writer also uses his piece to make a plethora of snide asides such as: "Harbor East features generic upscale architecture, swanky shops (something Baltimore hasn’t been associated with in, oh, half a century or so)," or "when the Travel editors suggested that I check in on our neighbor to the northeast, I admit to a certain grumpiness."

What is your take on the Washington Posts’ "In Baltimore, finding more than jut true grit?" Tell us in the comments. 

Sean Tully February 23, 2013 at 01:37 PM
Actually it seems like a positive review to me. There is one thing Baltimoreans have to understand, we are not now, and never will be, New York City or Washington, D. C. They are international cities and we, along with Philly and Boston, are not. Philly and Boston are closer to international than we are, but still, they aren't in the same league as NYC or D.C. We have to grow on our strengths and we have to realize that our pride must come from within, not what NYC or D.C. (or the national media, etc) thinks of us because they are always going to look down their noses at us to some degree.
Sean Tully February 23, 2013 at 01:40 PM
p.s. If Baltimore were smart they would find ways to hitch our wagon to D.C.'s star more and more. One thing we should do is offer free land to the federal government for building offices, etc.


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