Baltimore Police: Man Fatally Shot in Pen Lucy

Residents say the shooting has shattered a quiet stretch in the neighborhood.

An unidentified man was fatally shot Thursday evening, shattering a quiet streak in the in Pen Lucy neighborhood. 

Baltimore City police said an adult male died after being shot multiple times in the 4200 block of Old York Road. The incident happened near the front of the Blessed Sacrament Church

A pastor form Birmingham, AL, who is a guest staying at the church's rectory, said he heard seven shots as he was sitting down for dinner. 

The Rev. Joe Muth, who has served as the church's pastor for more than a year, said the neighborhood has been quiet lately. He said there have been some scattered robberies and burglaries, but nothing of this magnitude.

"This is the most tragic thing that's happened here in a while," Muth said.

Updates to follow.

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A F James MacArthur September 08, 2011 at 10:56 PM
Great article, bringing further light to a most troubled area of North Baltimore. There is a lot of violence in this area. Some of it is put out by the police on twitter, much of it is not. A lot of it, you could talk to some locals, and even they are unaware. As a news hound, I have personally been on scene of numerous violent incidents within a block of this spot, and saw most of them NEVER reported by any media outlet in town. This is shameful. Even the police who promised to put out every serious incident on twitter have fallen short when it comes to telling the true story of Pen Lucy. It is one of few neighborhoods, that's seen so much violence over the years, it has it's very own memorial garden; with the names of local youth slain, etched in stone in remembrance. Having been a home owner in the immediate vicinity for many years, I am intimately familiar with the area. Rev. Muth & I have exchanged many pleasant greetings and occasional polite conversation on many of my early morning dog walks.
Koko September 14, 2011 at 03:35 AM
I have never in my whole 40 yrs of living seen a church, the place whr one worships GOD become the center fold of a crime scene. How mad are our ppl. And we wonder why GOD is inflicting a peep into the heavens upon us with all of his distruction. America is doomed to be destroyed! My advice to all our ppl... Grab ur bibles and learn to walk with GOD, if not you will b destroyed.


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