Blogger, Who Broadcast Standoff, Denied Bail

James MacArthur, aka Baltimore Spectator, faces gun charges.

Frank James MacArthur, aka A.F. James MacArthur, was denied bail for gun charges filed after his arrest Saturday night following a standoff with police in Waverly.

A Baltimore State’s Attorney's spokesman confirmed that MacArthur had been denied bail on Wednesday afternoon.

According to electronic court records, he faces charges for illegal possession of a firearm and for possession of an unregistered rifle/shotgun.

MacArthur, 47, Tweeted during a nearly five-hour standoff with police, and live-streamed audio of his conversation with a police negotiator. 

Police had come to take him into custody on a warrant for allegedly violating his probation that was part of a plea agreement on gun charges filed against him in 2009. 

MacArthur eventually signed off the air on Saturday night by playing a recording of Rep. Ron Paul's farewell address to Congress and then peacefully surrendered to police.

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Joe December 05, 2012 at 09:30 PM
"and for possession of an unregistered rifle/shotgun." Is this man a convicted felon who is barred from firearm possession? If not, what is the law that a rifle/shotgun must be "registered"? As far as I know there is no "registration" law in Maryland for long guns. Unless the particular firearm was one that has been banned here. But then it is not illegal because it is "unregistered" but because it is one not on the allowed firearm list.
Caideenah December 06, 2012 at 11:04 AM
He was on probation for what one place reported as a gun related charge, but it did not say he was not allowed guns. I do not see how it would matter anyway as he was not violent. But I know how it is dealing with probation and if they decide to bring you in they will find a reason. If it was not the gun charge, or the warrant, it would have been something else like leaving his probation area unannounced or jay-walking. Once you are in the sights, it is hard to duck out of the way. I would say the jail just needed more money to spend this Christmas so they are picking on the ones that jump up and down and cause problems for them. That seems more likely than anything else to me.


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