Clarke: Crime Wave an 'Assault' on North Baltimore

Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke believes the police could provide more resources to North Baltimore.

Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke Credit: Adam Bednar
Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke Credit: Adam Bednar
Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke called a wave or robberies, and a recent shooting that Baltimore police believe is connected, an assault on North Baltimore. 

"This is an out and out assault on our neighborhoods," Clarke said. 

There have been a spree of robberies, primarily in Clarke's district, where a group of juveniles have stolen cars and used them to attack and rob people. The crimes escalated early Wednesday morning when a man was shot twice in the upper torso in the 4000 block of Roland Avenue. 

Now Clarke said she wants police to step up and provide the same level of attention other districts get during times of crisis. She said that man power is diverted from the Northern District when problems increase in other areas of the city, and that it's time more police are sent to North Baltimore to crack down on the current crime wave. 

"This is totally unacceptable, I know how hard [Maj. Kimberly Burrus] is working. I want her to get the help she needs, that we need, and deserve," Clarke said. 

Clarke said she is working on organizing a meeting with the presidents of neighborhood associations where the crimes are occurring, and then hopes to put together a larger public meeting about the crimes. 

"We've held the line all these years and we intend to get it back,” Clarke said. 

Calls to the Baltimore police's public affairs section for comment were not answered.   
Sanchez August 15, 2013 at 12:21 PM
Mary Pat Clark and her cohorts are guilty of ASSAULTING the residents of Baltimore.
Doug Hansen August 15, 2013 at 12:50 PM
Allow Marylanders to have conceal carry like 43 other states...let us protect ourselves out there where we are just waiting to be victims. Criminals wouldn't be so brazen if they thought there would be resistance.
Andy Lafferty August 15, 2013 at 02:24 PM
Give law abiding citizens our gun rights back so we can arm ourselves. The problem will go away fast if our leaders stop hamstringing us. (The non criminals)
Thomas Brown August 20, 2013 at 04:31 PM
Crime in charles village is nothing new. For the years that I've been reading the updates, it's a weekly stream of muggings, break-ins, assaults, theft from auto, etc. This is just one neighborhood in Baltimore, and yes it is targeted by worthless trash from surrounding neighborhoods. Crime in Hampden...that's a whole other story. I think the police department works real hard to make sure crimes in Hampden are under-reported.


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