Coast Guard Establishes Security Zone in Reaction To Navy Yard Shooting

All boat traffic is being restricted indefinitely along a portion of the Anacostia River.

The Coast Guard has set up a temporary security zone in response to the shooting incident Monday morning at the Navy Yard in Washington.

The zone will limit all boat traffic on the Anacostia River from Haines Point to the John Philip Sousa Bridge, according to a release issued by Coast Guard officials in Baltimore.

"Entering or operating in the security zone is prohibited unless authorized by the captain of the port of Baltimore. Vessels already at berth, mooring or anchor are not required to depart the security zone," according to the statement issued by the Coast Guard.

A decision on how long the safety and security zone will remain in effect has not been made.

"This zone is necessary to safeguard persons and property from events unfolding at the Washington Navy Yard," said Lt. Cmdr. Richard Armstrong, the chief of Incident Management at Coast Guard Sector Baltimore. "Our thoughts and prayers are with those persons and families involved in today's incident."

At least four people were killed and at least six others shot when a gunman open fired at the Washington Navy Yard Monday morning, according to multiple news reports

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