Driver Fined in Collision With Hopkins Cyclist

Jeanette Marie Walke pleaded guilty to negligent driving and failing to yield to a bicyclist.

A woman was fined more than $200 in connection with an accident that critically injured a Johns Hopkins University student.

Jeanette Marie Walke, 83, pleaded guilty to charges of negligent driving and failing to yield right of way to a bicyclist in a designated lane, according to online court records.

According to an email from a Charles Village Court Watch member, Walke was fined a total of $220.

Walke was involved in an collision with Johns Hopkins University student Nathan Krasnopoler on West University Parkway in March. Krasnopoler, 20, remains in a coma and is not expected to regain consciousness. 

Krasnopoler's family is suing Walke for $10 million.

Mi Letz May 27, 2011 at 01:21 PM
It is difficult for me to understand why the fine is so small. Why this has been such a "difficult" thing to sort out? If a car passes another car, and then cuts it off resulting in a death in the car that was cut off....does that fine increase? I realize this is an elderly person, and I am sorry for her luck but, this 20 year old guys life is OVER. It's over because she passed a bicyclist, and didn't think another thing of it. Over. Doesn't seem right, or fair, or anything else. --Mi Letz


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