Kiefaber Trial Postponed Until November

The former owner of the Senator told the court that he is “indigent” and "basically homeless."

The trial date for Tom Kiefaber, who is facing charges including second-degree assault and trespassing, has been postponed until Nov. 5.

A Baltimore City District Court judge ordered the trial delayed because the assault charge, which was placed on the stet docket following an incident last year, was just reopened at the behest of the state.

Kiefaber also told the judge that he needed time to arrange for a public defender because he is "indigent" and "basically homeless."

He would also say in court that the charges were an attempt to harass a private citizen who was advocating for the Senator Theatre.

"This is all just basically a show," Kiefaber said.

Kiefaber was arrested in August on trespassing charges outside of the Senator Theatre.

Last year he was ordered to stay away from the theater after he got into a heated argument with theater staff before a midnight showing of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows—Part 2 in July of last year.

Prior to that incident, Kiefaber also disrupted a City Council meeting by storming the dais to protest a bill adding the theater's interior to the city's historic landmark list, and then ran unsuccesfully for city council president. 

Kiefaber formerly owned the theater that his grandfather built in 1939. The city took over the theater in 2009, after guaranteeing a $600,000 loan in 2002, which was in danger of default.

The city then reached an agreement with James "Buzz" Cusack and his daughter and business partner Kathleen Lyon to lease the theater as Senator Theater, LLC.

They have since embarked on a project, which is now expected to cost $3.49 million, to rehab the building and add screens on to the original single-screen art deco theater. James "Buzz" Cusack has successfully run the Charles Theater in the Station North Arts District and helped spark a renaissance in that area of the city near Penn Station.

Kiefaber has maintained that the renovations are in violation of historic protections placed on the building, and accused the city of scuttling his original plans to turn the building into a mixed use entertainment facility run by a non-profit. 

The Board of Estimates is also set to vote on whether to approve the sale of the theater to Senator Theatre, LLC instead of leasing it during its meeting Wednesday morning.     

Balt Observer September 28, 2012 at 01:33 PM
Hey Kiefaber - I saw your vicious attack on Melody Simmons's physical appearance on your Friends of the Kiefibber page, where you called her a "piglet" among other nasty and misogynistic invectives. So if that's your feeling, my question is how do you feel about your jockstrap-carrier, Ms. Perkins?
Tom Kiefaber September 28, 2012 at 02:35 PM
More anonymous distortions and outright lies, intended to smear, posted by an odiferous,local troll, infamous for nasty invective. What more do you need our bag-o-bile burden to post Adam, before some action is taken to curb incessant hater posts?
Balt Observer September 28, 2012 at 02:41 PM
Where are the "distortions and outright lies", Kiefaber? Do you deny making those vicious comments about Ms. Simmons? Don't forget, they are public for all to see.
AH September 29, 2012 at 09:27 PM
Mr. Kiefaber, your credibility has totally tanked. I can confirm Balt O's observation about your atrocious comments re Ms. Simmons -- you sunk to a new low. And now I know: you flat out lie when called to account. And if you are lying about Ms. S, seems probable that you also lie about everything from the Senator's financial history to the trespass and assault charges you face. Your lack of integrity, and your attitude towards women, actually scare me.
Balt Observer September 30, 2012 at 12:38 AM
Indeed, AH. What I find odd is that clearly, Kiefaber's misogynistic attitudes and views are nothing new, and those around him are well aware of it. In that light, it is bizarre that so many women continue to slavishly support him without reservation. There are definitely cult-like characteristics of this devotion.


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