Man Cut with Machete During Guilford Robbery

A husband and wife woke up and found a robber in their home.

This map roughly shows where the attack occurred.
This map roughly shows where the attack occurred.

A couple woke up to find a robber in their Guilford home, and the husband was cut with a machete during the incident. 

According to Baltimore police, at 2:30 a.m., Saturday, a couple woke up and noticed a light on the basement of their home, located in the 3500 block of Greenmount Avenue.

When the husband got out of bed he was attacked by the robber, who broke into the home through a rear window.

He and the robber began to fight, and both were cut with a machete from the house that was picked up during the struggle.

During the fight, the robber demanded money, but was eventually fended off.

The robber then escaped from the house through the rear window without taking any property.

The neighborhood has been the scene of a spate of recent burglaries, and police are searching for a suspect in at least one of those crimes.  


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