Police Blame ‘Flash Mob’ For Theft

The group allegedly stole a customer’s cellphone.

Police are blaming what they describe as a flash mob for the theft of several mobile phones.

According to a police report, at 6:29 p.m., on Feb. 13 a “flash mob” entered the Sprint Wireless Store, 5911 York Road, and stole several cell phones. 

"A flash mob (or flashmob) is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and artistic expression," according to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

The members of the "flash mob" also took a cellphone belonging to a customer that was on the counter before running out of the store.  

AnnKangarouse February 19, 2013 at 03:17 PM
Spring Wirless Store? Not sure what that is, but the address is for BELVEDERE SQUARE. It's a good thing that by next month, thousands will be flocking to the Govans neighborhoood again, and not for flash mobs. Movies and wine!


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