Tapp-Harper Returns to Northern District as Police Commander

Maj. Sabrina Tapp-Harper previously served as a sergeant in the Northern District.

When Maj. Sabrina Tapp-Harper took over command of the Baltimore City Police Department’s Northern District, she had to hit the ground running.

Within 48 hours of starting her new post, there was a fatal shooting on North Edgecombe Circle in the western half of the district, and officer Teresa Rigby was seriously injured after falling off Interstate 83 after her vehicle was struck while assisting a disabled motorist.

“To have an officer injured or killed in the line of duty is a worst-case scenario,” Tapp-Harper said.

Despite the hectic beginning, Tapp-Harper is happy to be back in the district where she had worked as a sergeant.

She said the strong partnerships between communities and the police make it a great area to work.

“To me, this is almost like a picture book-perfect district to take care of,” Tapp-Harper said.

Right now, an area of focus for the Northern District will be to battle an uptick in the number of burglaries and robberies in the district. Tapp-Harper, who was previously the deputy major in the Northwest District, said that area has successfully combated one of the worst spates of burglaries she’d seen in her nearly 25 years as a Baltimore police officer. She said she wants to implement several of the same strategies that worked there to fighting burglaries in the Northern District.

Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, D-District 14, represents much of the Northern District. Clarke said she always experiences some trepidation when the district experiences a command change. This is the third change in command at the district since 2007.

But she said that Tapp-Harper comes highly recommended from other officers and community leaders in the Northwest District.

“It’s a great match,” Clarke said.  


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