'The Baltimore Sun': 83-year-old Ticketed for Striking Cyclist

Accident left 20-year-old Nathan Krasnopoler in a coma.

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Jeanette Marie Walke, 83, has been ticketed for her role in an accident that left a Johns Hopkins University student in a coma.

Walke has been cited for negligent driving and failure to yield the right-of-way to a bicyclist in a bike lane, according to the newspaper's article.

In February, Nathan Krasnopoler, 20, was riding his bike on West University Parkway when he was hit by a car Walke was driving.

Last week, Krasnopoler's family announced the in the wreck is permanent.

Until now, Walke had avoided being charged for her role in the accident. This has angered Krasnopoler's family and cyclists. 

The Krasnopoler family is suing Walke for $10 million.


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