Trial of Blogger Who Broadcast Police Standoff Begins Wednesday

Frank MacArthur, aka A.F. James MacArthur faces charges of possession of an unregistered shotgun and resisting arrest.

The trial of Frank MacArthur, aka A.F. James MacArthur, the blogger who live streamed his standoff with Baltimore police in his Waverly home in December is scheduled to begin Wednesday.

His trial, on charges of possessing an unregistered shotgun and resisting arrest, is set for 2 p.m., in Baltimore City Circuit Court’s East Courthouse, 111 N. Calvert St.

MacArthur, 47, has been held at the Baltimore City Detention Center without bail since his arrest.

Last fall a warrant was issued for MacArthur for allegedly violating his probation from a previous charge. MacArthur then took to social media and began posting messages that he was being persecuted by the police because of what he was reporting on his blog, Baltimore Spectator, and his Internet radio show that was streamed via www.spreaker.com.

The standoff began when officers came to the door of MacArthur’s home to arrest him, but escalated when MacArthur didn’t answer the door.

Eventually a SWAT team was called in because of messages MacArthur posted on his Twitter account that he was preparing to be killed, according to police.

"Wondering if I should definitely try to take a few out on my way out, or just go out zen style, no resistance," one such message read. 

During the standoff, Lt. Jason Yerg called to negotiate with MacArthur and the entire conversation was streamed online. Eventually MacArthur agreed to surrender, but as he left to do so he played a recording of former Rep. Ron Paul’s farewell address for listeners.

After MacArthur’s surrender, police allegedly found a sawed off shotgun in the house.

AnnKangarouse May 07, 2013 at 02:52 PM
What are the odds that Mr. MacArthur will actually get a fair trial in Baltimore, all things considered?? Will any of the Patch bloggers be there to support one of their own?


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