Council Passes Mosby's Liquor Store Bill

The bill passing the City Council tops a tumultuous few days for first term City Councilman Nick Mosby.

The City Council gave final approval on Monday to a bill one grocer’s association called racially motivated.

Councilman Nick Mosby, currently serving his first term, celebrated the City Council passing his first ordinance, which bans youth from making any purchase from a city liquor store.

"I’m going to have [the bill] framed," Mosby said following a Hampden Community Council meeting.

Mosby said the legislation was something that he has been thinking about for years, even before he ran for the council.

"I just thought it was fundamentally wrong for children to be in and out of liquor stores on a daily basis purchasing candy, and snacks, and chips and everything else," Mosby said.

But the bill was controversial with Korean-American liquor store-owners. Following a hearing on the bill last month a lawyer for KAGRO-MD said the bill was racially motivated. 

Mosby vehemently denied the bill was in anyway motivated by race.

The passage of the bill comes at the end of a tumultuous few days for Mosby, who found himself in the middle of a power struggle over the mayor’s proposed $2.8 billion operating budget late last week.

He had been a crucial vote in giving preliminary approval to $6.1 million in cuts to the budget. But he later reversed course and voted to approve the mayor’s budget without amendments.

After voting to approve the mayor’s budget, City Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young accused Mosby of having his .

"Various council people got certain things. Councilman Mosby, I think they told him he was going to get a ‘super rec center.’ I don’t know what the rest of them got, but they all got something," Young said at the time. "But they should all be grateful to me that I put those amendments in, because maybe they wouldn’t have got what they got."

Mosby denied that he had received anything in exchange for his vote and did what was best for his constituents.

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