Councilman Wants Graded Restaurant Sanitation Inspections

Councilman Brandon Scott wants to have restaurant sanitation grades posted online.

Councilman Brandon Scott wants the city to create a system with graded sanitation inspections of food facilities, and post those scores in the business and online.

Scott, who represents Northeast Baltimore, has drafted a bill outlining those requirements that will be introduced to the Baltimore City Council during its meeting on Monday.

"It’s essentially aligning us with the rest of the free world," Scott said.

He said other parts of the country such as San Diego, rural North Carolina where he was recently visiting for a family reunion and “even Dallas for crying out loud,” have similar systems.

Scott, who earlier this year successfully pushed to have Baltimore City police , wants these new sanitation grades posted on a website as well.

The bill is expected to be assigned to the Health Committee as its first step through the hearing process. Scott said he has discussed the bill with his council colleagues and it’s received a favorable response.

"I’ve gotten a lot of feedback and I look forward to getting several co-sponsors," Scott said.

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