Family Urges Roland Park to Vote for Question 6

Shae Lunga-Williams and her daughter Zoe Lunga wave to cars passing by on Roland Avenue.

Standing near the intersection of Deepedene Road and Roland Avenue Tuesday afternoon, Shae Lunga-Williams and her daughter Zoe Lunga waved signs telling voters Question 6 was about protecting families and children.   

Lunga-Williams explained that allowing gays and lesbians to marry provides a safety net for families that already exist, but wouldn’t be eligible for benefits if one partner dies.

"I’m out here today because women—especially stay at home moms—have absolutely no protection except for marriage," Lunga-Williams said.

She said that while they had been out waving at passing cars that 98 percent of the reactions were positive, but even the presence of 10-year-old Zoe didn’t stop some people from being nasty.

"Only a few people screamed obscenities at us," Lunga-Williams said.  

She said that she has had conversations with voters who were undecided and that she’s had success by reminding some residents that this could some day benefit their own children.

"You can’t control how people are going to be when they're born," she said.


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