Mosby: City Won't Privatize Roosevelt Rec

The Hampden recreation center will continue to be operated by Baltimore City.

Operations of the Roosevelt Recreation Center are no longer being considered for privatization, Councilman Nick Mosby said on Tuesday.

Mosby said the center would not be part of a second request for proposal put out by the city looking for private partners to help operate many of its recreation centers. A request for proposal is a process governments go through when soliciting private vednors.

The Baltimore Brew originally reported last week that the center was no longer going to be considered for privatization. Patch could not independently confirm that report and numerous calls to the city’s Purchasing Department were not returned.

Originally, and to the dismay of Hampden residents, the recreation center was included in the city’s initial request for proposal seeking private organizations to run many of its recreation centers.

Initially, the childcare company Little Dimples II responded to the city’s request for proposal with interest in running the recreation center. That bid is no longer being considered by the city.  

During the city's initial request for the proposal seeking privarte operators for the rec centers, there were few bidders. During a Baltimore City Council hearing in November, the Department of Parks and Recreation announced it would be going through a looking for partners to operate its recreation centers.

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Christopher December 14, 2011 at 01:44 PM
What does this mean?The center will close, or the city will step up to its responsibility for the residents of Hamden as it is failing to do in other neighborhoods?
Adam Bednar December 14, 2011 at 03:53 PM
Christopher, I spoke with Genny Dill, president of the Roosevelt Rec Council, following this article being published. She said they will continue to work with the Mayor's office about the future of the center. The smoke hasn't entirely cleared yet, but I think residents are relieved the immediate threat of privatization is off the table.
AnnKangarouse December 14, 2011 at 04:17 PM
The powers that be have continually ignored and lied to the folks who are working to try and save our rec centers. Shameful behavior on their part as well as on our city "leaders". Check the salaries and the "perks" that the folks closing our rec centers get. Check the BOE records. Follow the money....


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