North Baltimore Delegates Vote To Repeal Death Penalty

The House of Delegates approved repealing the death penalty on Friday.

The delegates who represent North Baltimore voted unanimously to repeal the death penalty in Maryland.

The repeal passed the House of Delegates and is scheduled to be approved by Gov. Martin O'Malley who has backed the legislation.

District 43 (Guilford, Radnor Winston and Homeland)

  • Del. Curt Anderson: voted for repeal
  • Del. Mary Washington: voted for repeal
  • Del. Maggie McIntosh: voted for repeal 

District 40 (Remington, Hampden and Charles Village)

  • Del. Shawn Z. Tarrant: voted for repeal
  • Del. Barbara Robinson: voted for repeal
  • Del. Frank Conaway Jr.: voted for repeal

District 41 (Roland Park, Mt. Washington and Poplar Hill)

  • Del. Samuel "Sandy" Rosenberg: voted for repeal 
  • Del. Jill Carter: voted for repeal
  • Del. Nathaniel "Nat" Oaks: voted for repeal


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