Poll Worker Supporting Obama Via Question 6

Hollaran said his gay and lesbian friends deserve the same rights as straight couples.

Joe Holloran, of Charles Village, walked back and forth across W. 29th Street handing out campaign material to voters as they went to cast their ballots at Barclay Elementary/Middle School.

Holloran, wearing an Obama sweatshirt with a rainbow flag sticker, was handing out fliers reminding voters that President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama support Question 6, which would legalize same sex marriage in Maryland.

Holloran, 64, said he was out working the polls in part to support the president, but also to help his gay family and friends to have the same rights as straight couples in the state.

"[Turnout] has been pretty good. People have largely been supportive of Question 6 and very supportive of President Obama," Holloran said. 

He said that he has worked the polls before, but so far these precincts had been busier than he could remember it being during other elections.

Lines at the two precincts at the school both stretched into the hall ways and poll watchers said it was taking about a 30-40 minutes to cast a ballot.

Holloran said he has been a supporter of Obama since 2008 and has remained a steady backer of the president, even while some liberal friends have expressed disappointment in the man who campaigned last election on "Hope" and "Change."

"I think he’s much better than [GOP presidential candidate Mitt] Romney and I think he’s actually been a good president," Holloran said.   


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