Rev. Moise Stands with ‘Ethics of Love’

Old Catholic priest works the polls at Guilford Elementary School.

Rev. Mother Meredith Moise, stood outside of Guilford Elementary School handing out literature supporting Question 6, which legalizes same sex marriage in Maryland.

Moise, an Old Catholic priest, said she was advocating for the law allowing same sex marriage in the state because she wanted to stand with the "ethics of love," as opposed to focusing on "damnation and hell."

"I choose to focus on love and mercy,” Moise, a Charles Village resident, said.

Mosie, 38, said she was asked to work at the polls in favor of Question 6 by Del. Mary Washington and Del. Maggie McIntosh, who represent North Baltimore in the Maryland General Assembly.

Moise said that so far, most voters in the heavily black precincts said they were supporting same sex marriage defying stereotypes that blacks are homophobic and opposed to the issue.

She said a few people mumbled under their breathe when she approached them and said that one person told her outright that he wouldn’t vote for same sex marriage. Moise said she asked the man to just not vote on the question if he couldn’t vote for the law.

She also pointed out some nearby signs posted by the Committee for Jumping the Broom for Marriage, which posted signs opposing Question 6 aimed at blacks encouraging them to vote against same sex marriage at precincts with large black populations. Moise called one sign posted in front of the school "disgusting" because it showed a group of babies asking: "My Mommie is my Daddy. My Daddy is my Mommie. But who is my Aunt?"

But Moise said she sees attitudes of blacks shifting on the topic because of a greater willingness to talk about homosexuality.

"I think the tide is turning because African Americans are having conversations with other African Americans," Moise said.

But she also said whatever the outcome of Question 6 there was still work to be done in improving the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered residents of every ethnicity.     


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