Watson Outpaces Other Council Members, Raises $254,000 in 2012

Courtney Watson raised more funds than the other members of the County Council combined.

2012 was a great fundraising year for Howard County Council member Courtney Watson.

Watson, a Democrat who represents Ellicott City, Elkridge and Hanover in the First Council District, raised $254,410 in 2012, more than the total fundraising numbers of the four other Council members combined. She has a total of $374,457 cash on hand.

"I am working hard to make Howard County an even better place to live and work," said Watson in a statement announcing her fundraising figures. "We should all be proud of the progress we are making."

Watson has not formally announced whether or not she plans to run for County Executive in 2014, when Ken Ulman must step down from the post due to term limits.

In a recent Baltimore Sun report, she said she has been encouraged to run, but would make a decision when it's least distracting to her work on the Council.

Calvin Ball, who represents East Columbia as well as portions of Elkridge, Ellicott City and Jessup in the Second District, raised $85,424 in 2012 and currently has $190,383 in cash on hand.

"I'm pleased, and honored by the support that I've received," said Ball about his 2012 fundraising. As to whether he'll be pursuing the County Executive post in 2014, Ball wouldn't say. 

"I'm always humbled by those who suggest I should consider it," said Ball. "At this time, I'm focused on ensuring that I have sufficient resources to continue serving our community."

County Council chairperson Jen Terrasa, District 3, raised $15,032 in 2012 and currently has $20,880 in cash on hand.

Both Mary Kay Sigaty, District 4, and Greg Fox, District 5, raised less than $1,000 in 2012.

Fox, the lone Republican on the Council, who represents western Howard County, raised $800 in 2012 and currently has $6,110 in cash on hand.

"I have done exactly zero fundraisers," said Fox, during a tour of Howard Community College's new Health Sciences Building. "Just like taxes, I don't like to take people's money unless I have to."

Sigaty, the former Council chair, raised $753 in 2012, bringing her cash on hand total to $21,120.

Fundraising Totals for Potential County Executive Candidates

Watson and Ball are not the only Howard County politicians potentially eyeing the County Executive post. State senator Alan Kittleman announced he was organizing a campaign to potentially run for County Executive in June and Del. Guy Guzzone (D-Dist. 13) has said he'll make a decision by April on whether to run for executive.

Kittleman, a Republican who represents parts of Carroll and Howard Counties, raised $170,655 in 2012 and has $184,193 cash on hand.

Kittleman recently told the Sun that running for County Executive as a Republican in Howard County would be an "uphill battle", but that he believes he has a crossover philosophy "of fiscal responsibility and social libertarianism" that appeals to both Democrats and Independents.

Guzzone, a Democrat, who has represented the county in the state legislature since 2007, raised $61,599 in 2012 and currently holds $227,475 in cash on hand.


Ulman Raises $1.14 Million in 2012

MG42 January 19, 2013 at 05:15 PM
"I am working hard to make Howard County an even better place to live and work," said Watson in a statement announcing her fundraising figures. "We should all be proud of the progress we are making." Lady, get over yourself. Politicians generally have an absolutely delusional view about their impact on our society. I wish our society held CEOs and business leaders that actually make a difference in our lives in the same regard we hold political figures that could be replaced tomorrow with a middle school student.
Nicholas Aleshin January 19, 2013 at 11:11 PM
When I arrived in Howard County in 1988, the streets were clean and crime was not a major problem. We didn’t wait long in lines at stores, and we received the correct change when checking out. There was also room to walk and breathe; we weren't packed in like sardines. Today, some 25 years later, the situation has been reversed. Our streets are a mess, we receive daily reports of break-ins and burglaries of our homes. We regularly wait interminably long in checkout lines at stores, and often the cashiers seem to be stupid, not knowing how to return the proper change. I see uncontrolled building, with multi-floor structures not suited for the residential areas in which they're built. Keep them in Baltimore, they're squeezing us in Howard County. Furthermore, Howard County has seen several high profile murders in just the past year or two: it's becoming downright dangerous to live here. You know what else has changed? Today, Democrats, such as you, Ms. Watson, are in charge. The results of your policies, and those of your your political partners have made Howard County a worse, more expensive, and more dangerous place in which to live. Progress? Not at all: what you have given us is regress, recession, uncontrolled building, outright stupidity and a horrendous increase in violent crime. Someone once said, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." But the bottom line is results, and your results have been criminally bad.
Bob January 20, 2013 at 04:27 AM
Exactly, HR, thank you.
Bob January 20, 2013 at 04:29 AM
All Ulman seems to do is talk about football. No one cares in government here. I echo your thoughts.
Nicholas Aleshin January 20, 2013 at 03:14 PM
Wrong! Ulman keeps spending, spending and spending, much of it on useless projects!


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