You Tell Us: How Would You Rate Baltimore City's Openness?

Patch wants to know what our readers think about various issues impacting their lives.

A recent blog on this site brought to light a study that gave Maryland government for its openness.

But seeing as this website is primarily focused on Baltimore City, Patch wanted to find out how our readers view the city government when it comes to openness.

The city certainly receives a lot of complaints, especially when it comes to issues such as , the and

Baltimore has also undertaken such projects as OpenBaltimore to make city data on issues such as real property taxes, parking citations and vacant buildings readily available to the public.

How would you rate Baltimore City's openness? Tell us in comments.

Sean Tully March 22, 2012 at 03:32 AM
I can't grade how "open" the city government is but I can say that they are very reluctant to change policies when their shenanigans are revealed, witness the erroneous water bill problems.
Tharris March 22, 2012 at 10:41 AM
Well, how would you rate a process where the BDC withholds expert input from a RFP evaluation team? How about meeting at City Hall with the mayor (and her development staff) who, sitting three feet from you, looks you in the eye and agrees to take advantage of a gratis, expert, independent consultation prior to awarding said RFP. Then you find after the award that the free initial expert consultation was never used. Does this sound like a process in which you would place your trust that: A) options were thoroughly explored? B) expert guidance was actively engaged and/or taken into account? C) taxpayer funding is being wisely spent?
AnnKangarouse March 22, 2012 at 01:04 PM
More of the city's shenanigans (unethical crimes) need to be revealed by more than those who have suffered the consequences. Local 'investigative" media needs to catch up to speed here on these issues. A have a few other grades to toss into the mix here. An F and a U......
AnnKangarouse March 22, 2012 at 01:11 PM
AnnKangarouse March 22, 2012 at 03:53 PM


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