Building Plan Could Mean New School for A.C.C.E.

The plan recommends replacing or renovating the Hampden based innovation school in year one of the plan.

The Baltimore City Public Schools released the details of its long awaited 10-year building plan on Tuesday, and the largest impact on North Baltimore could be the recommendation to replace the former Robert Poole Middle School building in Hampden.

The building is now the current home of the innovation school Academy for College and Career Exploration.

Councilman Nick Mosby, who represents the area of Hampden where the school is located, said the school needs to be replaced, and that it could serve as the community school high school.

"I think it’s critically important that we get a way from the philosophy that ACCE isn’t a neighborhood school. It’s a city school, in the neighborhood that’s open to all," Mosby said.

The recommendations in the plan still have to be approved by the Baltimore City School Board.

Academy for College and Career Exploration

  • The city’s proposed 10-year building plan recommends the Academy for College and Career and College Exploration, located at 1300 W.36th St., be renovated or replaced by year one of the plan.
  • The plan estimates it would cost $21.9 million to renovate the school and $27.9 million to replace the current facilities.
  • The report recommends that a school should have an Educational Adequacy Score of at least 80 and the current facility has a score of 55.8.

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