Superintendent Dance: BCPS Good, Not Great

Dance emphasized the need for the Baltimore County school system to become more competitive with neighboring Howard and Montgomery counties.

After touting the Baltimore County Public Schools system's recent successes, said there is still room for improvement.

While Baltimore County schools have been included in several national surveys ranking top schools, Dance said he wants to see the system more in line with nearby Howard and Montgomery counties' public schools.

"We are good—clearly, very good—but as I said, we are ," said , at a Friday morning address rallying administrators for the upcoming 2012-2013 school year. "Just as the data points to our successes, it also points to the areas that need more attention."

The noted additional data that showed Baltimore County falling behind Howard and Montgomery counties in academic areas, such as SAT scores and graduation rates.

"The data is there for us to provide the needed leadership to take immediate action," he said. "We can't spend our time worrying about the past, but we can undoubtedly decide right now that these data can change—must change—and, most importantly, will change because of us."

Dance then identified four key elements to build a "culture of deliberate excellence,":

  • Committed and effective people working as a team
  • Relevant and rigorous curriculum
  • Data-driven accountability
  • Meaningful community engagement

"As we begin our journey as one team—team BCPS—we have firm ground to stand on based on this team's past wins," he said. "What our students and community will be counting on as we move forward is that our team gets even stronger and more focused."

Karen Williams August 19, 2012 at 02:00 PM
Having just returned to BC, from Orange County FL(Orlando) for the soul purpose of the education of my child, i must say it really sounds petty to be bitching about this. The Florida school are some of the worst in the nation. It is difficult to understad how people can be so upset when things here are so great. In Florida, dsylexia is not treated in the classroom, it is dealt without outside of school and on the parents time and dime! The back to school supplies list for 1st grade included 4 reams of printer paper, 4 bottles each, sanitizer and soap, 6 boxes of crayons and 30 glue sticks, all to be brought to school the first day. Then on top of this a $30 supply, there was even a chart to show who brought what, so the indigent children felt even more isolated. It just seems to be crazy to hear all this whining while we have it so much better here than in a state where you would THINK education should be at least close to ours...
JD1 August 20, 2012 at 01:44 AM
Matthew - you are spot on. Wonder who's writing this guy's talking points - Joe Biden?
wearwerew December 05, 2012 at 08:24 AM
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