Verdict Is In: Baltimore City is Hopeless

Joseph Alexander Ulrich killed in Midtown section of Baltimore City.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Joseph Alexander Ulrich, 40, moved from the Gettysburg, PA, area last April, to Baltimore City, to start a career as a photographer.

He was gunned down in the Midtown early Friday morning.  He died Sunday morning.

Another man, Lawrence Peterson, 56, was also shot and remains in critical condition, according to the Sun.

Police do not have any information on who the killer is or what the motive was. 

The Sun article states that the murder "shocked city leaders".  Oh, really?  And why would that be?

Maybe they are shocked because someone was killed in Midtown?  But that shouldn't shock them.  According to the Baltimore Sun data base on crime, there had been ten murders in the Central District so far this year, up until the death of Mr. Ulrich.  He made 11.     

Maybe they are shocked this time because Ulrich was a young white man whereas most of the victims of murder in Baltimore City are young black men?  

I can't speak for our "city leaders."  Maybe they can come forth and tell us exactly why they are shocked.          

I don't think "shocked" is the word to describe how I feel about the death of Mr. Ulrich.  I think disgusted, depressed, and hopeless, more accurately fit my mood.

I feel so sorry for the families of Mr. Ulrich and Mr.  Peterson.  Our city has failed them. 

I hope there are no candle light vigils for Mr. Ulrich.  We've seen them before.

I hope that no "city leader" makes a bold proclamation calling for reform.  We've heard them before.   

I know for a fact that the residents of Baltimore will not rise up and demand real change.  They never have in the past. 

It is too late for all of that now, anyway. 

Our city has failed. 

I am afraid we are hopeless. 

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Dave August 15, 2012 at 05:13 PM
Sean, After reading your comment about age being relative, I'd have to say I completely agree.
Sean Tully August 15, 2012 at 05:13 PM
Thanks, George. Personally, I wish that crowd would have marched on City Hall and demaned that Mayor Rawlings-Blake come out and hear just how angry they were. But, again, I have nothing to say about the actual vigil or what was said there. The family and friends of the shooting victims are very hurt, I am sure. I feel very bad for them. The death of Mr. Ulrich is such a waste, in my view. So sad.
Sean Tully August 15, 2012 at 05:15 PM
Thanks Dave.
Kathleen C. Ambrose August 15, 2012 at 07:27 PM
And thank you Sean for clarifying your post. Not only age, but interpretation, also is relative. The Sun couldn't use "lackadaisical civil servants" or "chagrined" in place of "leaders" and "shocked" as this would not impact most of their readership. (My choice of "chagrined" is because, as I stated earlier, Baltimore is inured to this type of violence, not only in the Central district, but citywide. I know I'm not "shocked" when I learn of this type of crime, and I doubt our "leaders" are, either.)
Sean Tully August 19, 2012 at 03:45 PM
According to the Sunday Sun, Al Jazeera English is airing a documentary on Baltimore, called "Baltimore: Anatomy of an American City" this week. It will be available for viewing by some 260 million people worldwide (but not in the Baltimore area, although it will be on Al Jazeera English's Youtube channel in a week or so). The show is how decimated the "other" Baltimore is. They make my point about the city being hopeless much better than I do when they state: "When you walk through neighborhoods like this," Al Jazeera correspondent Sebastian Walker says, picking his way down a narrow street of weeds, garbage and rowhouses at the end of the documentary, "it's hard not to feel that the legacy of the war these communities have been living through is so bad that rhetoric or anything short of radical change simply won't solve the problem." http://www.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/tv/z-on-tv-blog/bs-ae-zontv-aljazeera-20120817,0,7300918.story


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