Earl Weaver Grew Tomatoes in Perry Hall, Way Back When

The Orioles Hall of Famer spent some time in the "working-class suburb of Perry Hall," Sports Illustrated wrote in 1980.

Baseball Hall of Famer Earl Weaver—the Orioles manager who took the team to the World Series four times over the course of 17 years—died suddenly of an apparent heart attack early Saturday morning.

Weaver died while on board an Orioles fantasy cruise in the Caribbean, according to media reports. He was 82.

But while Weaver was known for record-breaking wins and his irascible managerial style, which included kicking dirt at umpires, some in Perry Hall also knew him as their neighbor. 

County Councilman David Marks said he first discovered Weaver's connection to Perry Hall while researching for his book, "" published in 2001. 

In the chapter titled "Postwar Growth and Change (1945-1980)," Marks wrote:

This was the Perry Hall that attracted thousands of families after the Second World War—a suburban village with new schools, lush meadows, and infesctious civic pride. It was so desireable that Perry Hall became home to a Baltimore legend in the 1970s—Orioles manager Earl Weaver, who planted tomatoes in his spare time at his Dundawan Road home.

In 1980, Sports Illustrated visited Weaver's Perry Hall home and wrote the following as part of a lengthy profile: 

The Weavers live in a modest brick-and-clapboard house in the working-class suburb of Perry Hall. Their house isn't what you'd call pretentious. It is catty-corner to the back of an A & P, which is the gemstone of a small shopping center on old U.S. 1. If there are any truths in life, one would surely be that as long as you live only a parking lot away from U.S. 1, you're not getting carried away with yourself. The Weavers, Earl and Marianna, live there with his vegetable garden, their two small dogs and her daughter from an earlier marriage, Kim, who is 21 and a BaseBelle at Memorial Stadium.

Find the full profile here

Read reactions to Weaver's death from around the Baltimore area here. 

Did you know Weaver when he lived on Dundawan Road? Share your memories in the comments. 

Donna Towsonski January 19, 2013 at 07:05 PM
Yes. That was the Perry Hall that attracted me enough to want to buy a home, start a family and live in peace and happiness. What happened to wonderful, close, village-like community? Earl lived down the street from me then. Good neighbor...kind man. RIP Earl.....
Beth Olcott January 19, 2013 at 07:30 PM
RIP Earl, from another former Dundawan Road neighbor who remembers you fondly. It was always a bit more fun watching the Oriole games when you were the manager. Never knew just what you were going to do. ;)
BmoreBobRob January 20, 2013 at 09:25 PM
He used to do a group smoke with a friend of my in laws. He was ahead of his time as a manager. He was from St. Louis and interesting coincidence that St. Louis Cardinal great Stan Musial died on the same day.
Eric Martin January 20, 2013 at 11:31 PM
My younger brother used to cut the Earl's grass in the summer. We lived right down the street on Glen Park Rd.
Joan Manns March 10, 2013 at 11:35 PM
Does anyone on dundawan remember your street sign being orange and black.?


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