Fans Share Memories of Memorial Stadium

Last week Patch asked readers to reminisce about when the Orioles called North Baltimore home.


I am happy that my daughter was old enough to go there while the O's were still playing there. One of the first games she went to, she must have been 5 or 6, she didn't have a clue which team we were suppose to cheer, so sometimes, she would cheer the other team. There were several men in their 20's, who were intoxicated, and they didn't like her cheering. I explained to them that she didn't know which team to cheer, but I was teaching her. They went back to watching the game.


Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.
Double-headers where you didn't have to leave between games.
The only MLB fight I've eye-witnessed, Lee May got HBP ran out to the mound and fought the pitcher.
The smell. Food, stale beer, sweat, urine, cigarette smoke all in mixed into one.
Wild Bill.
My aunt was sitting right where the plane crashed.
Those huge light towers.
My only regret is that I never got to see the Colts there.
So many memories.

Marty Sophocles

I lived behind Memorial Stadium for 20 years, so I have many memories of the games and babysitting for the players' kids. My favorite memory was taking my own kids when they were very young to the finall game at the stadium. There was a mixture of sadness and joy. By the time the fireworks began, both of my boys were sound asleep in their seats!

Paul sr

Just being at the last game ever played there and watching them take home plate to Camden Yards


My best friends uncle shoving us through the gate when we were like 8. The feel of that stadium was like no other. I've been in many across the country. Memorial stadium was its own.


First game I ever attended Tom Phoebus pitched a no hitter. I was 4 years old.


Running up the ramps as a child and getting that first view of the green of the playing field.


Lots of great memories of Memorial Stadium but my fave has to be the last game of the 82 season when the O's needed to sweep the Brewers to head into the post season-of course ,we know they lost-but what a great weekend for baseball in Baltimore-miss the old stadium

It's never too late to joine the conversation. Share your memories in the comments.


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