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Cory V. McCray was born and raised in Baltimore City and currently resides in the Overlea Community. He received his education through the Baltimore City Public School System. After graduating from High School, he completed a five-year apprenticeship program with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 24. By the age of twenty-one, he became an accomplished business owner in the Belair-Edison community. Since the age of 24, he has devoted his time to giving back to the communities in the Northeast Baltimore area by presiding on several executive boards, while also participating actively with numerous local unions. He continues to be an energetic advocate for social justice and wears many hats in support of effective leadership.
YOUTH INVOLVEMENT Cory is dedicated and committed to raising youth involvement on many levels. He displays his commitment by organizing youth events and prides himself on leading by example within the community. He is a firm believer of respecting the labors of past and present community leaders’ and their commendable contributions. He firmly believes that there is an urgent need for youth to take pride in and responsibility for their neighborhoods and he wants to earnestly deliver this message. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Cory feels he has been blessed in his young life. The help of God, a supportive family system, Baltimore City’s harsh and violent elements, and his Local Union have molded the devotion he claims today. He takes the position of being responsible for his actions, supportive of those who have assisted him on his journey, and giving back to his community. He realizes that the ultimate goal of his life is giving back and wanting fulfilled lives for all. For this reason, he is dedicated to raising the standards of life for others and not settling for any other alternative. For more info visit www.corymccray.com
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