Where Children Go to Heal and Grow
For many children, the transition from hospital to home is the most challenging step in the healing process. At Mt. Washington Pediatric, they get both sophisticated medical care and the warm embrace of our family-friendly atmosphere. So they heal, grow, go home stronger, and learn the skills that lead to happier, more independent lives. We focus on supporting their families to ensure that the healing continues – even after the hospital stay. Our young patients receive a wide range of services. By offering state-of-the-art treatments and working closely with Maryland’s leading hospitals and pediatricians, we become our children’s bridge to better health. Our outcomes and our patient satisfaction prove our success – again and again. That’s why, since 1922, we’ve played a unique role in child-centered care in Maryland. Like our prestigious affiliates, the University of Maryland Medical and Johns Hopkins Health systems, we strive to provide world-class care – and add family to it. Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital: Where children go to heal and grow. Read more: http://www.mwph.org
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